Top 10 Hot Summer Blues 2004

1) R. L. Burnside - A Bothered Mind

R.L. Burnside ain't scared! This is another musical trip way out of town from mainstream Blues. The combination of raw Blues mashed with modern sampling and surprizing guest artists like Willie Nelason and Kid Rock, make this another unique Blues venture by Burnside and the folks at Fat Possum Records.

Artist: R.L. Burnside
Label: Fat Possum Records
Genre: Blues - Contemporary Blues

Track Listing
1. Detroit Boggie Part 1
2. See What My Buddy Done
3. Shake 'Em On Down
4. Goin' Down South - (with Lyrics Born)
5. My Name Is Robert Too - (with Kid Rock)
6. Someday Baby - (with Lyrics Born)
7. Go To Jail
8. Bird Without A Feather
9. Glory Be
10. Goin' Away Baby
11. Rollin' And Tumblin'
12. Stole My Check
13. Detroit Boogie Part 2

2) Dr. John - N'Awlinz: Dis Dat Or D'Udda

Anytime Dr. John releases a record with "New Orleans" in the title you can be sure it's gonna be funky. The good doctor does it again with the best collection of N'Awlinz music since "Goin' Back to New Orleans".

Artist: Dr. John
Label: Blue Note Records (USA)
Genre: Blues - Contemporary Blues

Track Listing
1. Quartre Parishe
2. When The Saints Go Marching In - (featuring Mavis Staples)
3. Lay My Burden Down - (featuring Mavis Staples/Dirty Dozen Brass Band)
4. Marie Laveau - (featuring Cyril Neville/The Mardi Gras Indians)
5. Dear Old Southland - (featuring Nicholas Payton)
6. Dis, Dat, Or D'Udda
7. Chickee Le Pas - (featuring Cyril Neville/The Mardi Gras Indians)
8. Monkey, The - (featuring Eddie Bo/Dave Bartholomew)
9. Shango Tango - (featuring Willie Tee)
10. I Ate Up The Apple Tree - (featuring Randy Newman)
11. You Ain't Such A Much - (featuring Willie Nelson)
12. Life Is A One Way Ticket
13. Hen Layin' Rooster - (featuring B.B. King)
14. Stakalee
15. Eh Las Bas - (featuring Leroy Jones)
16. St. James Infirmary - (featuring Eddie Bo)
17. Time Marches On - (featuring B.B. King/Willie Nelson/Dirty Dozen Brass Band)
18. I'm Goin' Home - (featuring Cyril Neville)

3) Smokin Joe Kubek, Bnois King - Show Me the Money

I've always loved the rough and tumble Texas Blues and Smokin' Joe Kubek has been one of my favorites. His searing guitar is classic Texas ala Jimmie Vaughan and Anson Funderburg. But I also love contrast, so when you add the top-shelf, whiskey-smooth voice of Bnois King, you have the best in Texas Blues.

Artist: Smokin' Joe Kubek/Bnois King
Label: Blind Pig Records
Genre: Blues - Texas/W. Coast Blues
Album Description:No Description Available

Track Listing
1. I Saw I Coming
2. Burnin' To The Ground
3. Mirror, Mirror
4. She Can Smell Another Woman
5. My Heart's In Texas
6. Invitation Only
7. Armadillo Blues
8. Can't Keep Her Hands Off
9. Step Messin' With My Mind
10. Crazy World
11. Let's Stop Pretending
12. Tired Of Cryin' Over You

4) Bruce Katz - Deeper Blue

The amazing thing about this guy is that he is a music professor, but plays like a juke joint hero. Katz's B3 work is pure class.

Artist: Bruce Katz Band
Label: Severn Records
Genre: Blues

Track Listing
1. Know It? I Wrote It!
2. Greasy Sticks
3. Dark Room, The
4. Yeah, Maybe - (with Ronnie Earl)
5. Poptop
6. Stroll, The
7. Go Home!, (Why Don't You Just)
8. Call It Gone
9. Stovepipe Boogie
10. Slinky
11. Blues In D Natural - (with Ronnie Earl)
12. For Cliff
13. Jump'd

5) W. C. Clark - Deep in the Heart

Every town has their Blues heros, and in Austin, Texas W.C. Clark is a Blues institution. Like his past efforts, As usual,Clark shows his Blues maturity with great songs and strong performances.

Artist: W.C. Clark
Label: Alligator Records
Genre: Blues - Texas/W. Coast Blues

Track Listing
1. Stronger Than You Need To Be
2. Cold Blooded Lover
3. You Left The Water Running
4. I Want To Do Everything For You
5. Twist Of The Knife
6. Tip Of My Tongue
7. Jaded Lady
8. Ain't Lost Nothin'
9. Soul Kind Of Loving
10. My Texas Home
11. I Didn't Know The Meaning Of Pain
12. If You Think About
13. Promises
14. Okie Dokee Stomp


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