Top 10 Hot Summer Blues 2004

6) Nick Curran & The Nitelifes - Player

Nick Curran is currently the young hot-shot in the Blues. This Handy-winning guitarist injects the Blues with a great fresh mojo.

Artist: Nick Curran & The Nitelifes
Label: Blind Pig Records
Genre: Blues

Track Listing
1. Player
2. Honey Bee
3. What About Love
4. Evenin'
5. She's Evil
6. Groovy Jam, The
7. No Fun
8. Stalker, The
9. Down Boy Down
10. Leavin'
11. Good Luck
12. Come Back
13. Crazy Mixed Up World
14. Heeby Jeebies

7) Vassar Clements - Livin With the Blues

Florida fiddle monster Vassar Claments has not been widely recognised in Blues circles. But Bluegrass and the Blues are not that far apart on the musical family tree. It's Blues, it's Country, it's cool!

Artist: Vassar Clements
Label: Acoustic Disc
Genre: Country - Bluegrass

Track Listing
1. Cypress Grove
2. Dirty Drawers
3. Honey Babe Blues
4. Mambo Boogie
5. Phonograph Blues
6. Green Onions
7. Rube's Blues
8. Dead Cats On The Line
9. That's My Thing
10. Keep Your Lamp Trimmed & Burning
11. I Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle
12. Mama I'm All Out & Down
13. Fiddlin' & Faddlin'
14. Cool Drink of Water
15. Don't Stand Behind A Mule

8) Carey & Lurrie Bell - Second Nature

Carey Bell and his son Lurrie are Chicago Blues. This long awaited record places these two artist where they belong, next to each other.
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Artist: Carey & Lurrie Bell
Label: Alligator Records
Genre: Blues - Chicago Blues

Track Listing
1. Stop Running 'Round
2. Trouble In My Way
3. Road Is So Long, The
4. Wrapped Up In Love
5. Rock Me
6. Short Dress Woman
7. Five Long Years
8. Got To Leave Chi-Town
9. Heartaches And Pain
10. Key To The Highway
11. Do You Hear?
12. Here I Go Again

9) Kelley Hunt - New Shade of Blue

Kelly Hunt seems to be following in Bonnie Raitt's footsteps. She is recieving rave reports from her live shows and here second release.

Artist: Kelley Hunt
Label: Coda Terra Entertainment, Inc.
Genre: Blues - Contemporary Blues

Track Listing
1. Wakin' Up Slow
2. Temptation
3. Deal With It - (with Delbert McClinton)
4. That's What Makes You Strong
5. Long Way Home
6. Why Do I Love You
7. Darkness
8. The Word
9. New Shade Of Blue
10. When The Love Comes Through
11. It Ain't Over When It's Over
12. Would You Still Be There

10) Sue Foley - Change

There are several women artists in the Blues, but Sue Foley is in a league of her own as a guitar slinger and singer.

Artist: Sue Foley
Label: Ruf Records (Germany)
Genre: Blues - Contemporary Blues

Track Listing

1. Goin' Down The Road Again
2. Hardworking Woman
3. Doggie Treats
4. Careless Love
5. Change
6. Bad Luck Woman
7. Mournin' In The Morning
8. Sugar In My Bowl
9. Here Comes The Sun
10. Me And My Chauffeur
11. You Don't Have To Go
12. Shake That Thing

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