The Zune MP Player Rises Again

Once again, you are seeing commercials for the Zune MP3 Player online, specifically the zune marketplace. That means that there is definite hope for the zune. Of course, the iPod doesn't have a large, well, huge portion of the mp3 world, who says Microsoft can't take second place and take the rest. So far, they've done a fairly good job.

One thing that makes the zune able to compete with the iPod is amount of accessories that you can find for the product as well as the variety in colors of all the zunes. You'd be surprised by how many people make their decision based on what color an mp3 player is, and then it turns into a competition of the colors. Both the iPod and Zune have same, and different colors, which will definitely make a difference for some of their customers. Such as the Pink Zune 30GB, there are a lot of females out there that simply love the color pink.

Now if they're walking through best buy or target with the intention of getting an mp3 player, and their favorite color is pink, what comes next? They walk down the aisle with mp3 players, and they see a lot of iPod's with black, white, teal, but no pink. They keep looking down and guess what, theres a Zune, and its pink. Do you really think she's going to turn around and get a plain colored iPod? Nope, she's going to get the Pink Zune 30GB. But it gets a little more complicated when it comes to the Black Zune 80GB, this is where first come first serve is usually the winner. Because both the iPod and the Zune have a black version of their mp3 player, it's going to be tough to battle for the color.

One way that the winner can get a sale is through advertising prior to the customer making the decision to buying an mp3 player, if they had done research and found one or the other, than that could be a major factor. Another one is looks, if somebody goes into a store and looks at many different mp3 players, but likes the look of the Black Zune 80GB better than the iPod, they may pick that one instead of the iPod. Thats the beauty of advertising, if a company is able to advertise their product, get their look and logo out before they see the rest of the competition, it's in the bag.

They pretty much are able to eliminate a large amount of the competition simply by advertisement, but if someone does their research, then it comes down to preference. Again, the Zune MP3 Player definitely has it's potential to become a big time competitior to the iPod, but the lack of advertising as well as not being as popular as the iPod, it will be a tough hill to climb. But, anything is possible, and if one company can do it, Microsoft is one of the first ones on anyones list. Don't doubt if you see Zune making a big run for the mp3 player market soon, whether it be with a new revolutionary mp3 player, or a really cool phone encorporated with an mp3 player.

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