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If you have heard of famous names like Christian Dior, Givenchy and Chanel then probably you know who Imelda Marcos is. She is known to be the world's best known shoe-collector and she has recently opened a museum that displays her shoes, the former president's and several other famous people. He is also the former First Lady in the Philippines. Mrs. Marcos is also famed at traveling the world to search for those perfect pumps.

Why exactly are women addicted to shoes? A lot of studies have been conducted just to answer this question. Some women say that this is a way to appreciate fashion. Others believe that women just love the variety and so, must have all sorts of designs. There are others still, who say buying shoes is a form of therapy ? when they are depressed, or extremely happy; when gaining weight or maintaining their ideal bodies ? women find some association to their emotions when shopping for shoes. But despite all the surveys and questions asked, no one can really tell why women just have to have as many pairs their money can afford. Well, shopping all day is quite a very exhausting thing to do.

Besides, holes on your shoes due to too much heat created by the pressure of the feet and the friction of the shoes to the ground are just one example of the side effects of this. It's a good thing that the internet was invented in this time. Now, women no longer have to go to the mall for shoe shopping. All we need is our good old computer and of course, a reliable internet connection, make a search and find out where to find the cheapest prices on shoes! A new tool for shoe shoppers is here! Men and women alike can now do comparison shoe shopping through the internet where they can do searches to find the exact design that they want, compare prices at the stores that sell them, thereby allowing shoe shoppers more savings at the least effort just to find the perfect pair of shoes. Shoe shopping with kids can also be tiresome because some of them keep running and can be very unruly.

The solution? Buy a pair of shoes from the internet and have them try it at home. So, if you are looking for the latest pair of Nike shoes or a new pair of flats for the women. If you are planning to buy your partners a gift on their birthday but have no idea which pair to buy, the internet as the perfect solution! Some shoe comparison sites offer searches by type of shoes, style, brand, the stores and of course, prices. Sites which are legitimate businesses offers easy exchange of merchandise in case you discover that the shoes you bought is much too large or too if it is too small. So it really is easier, less tiring and quite more convenient in shopping for those perfect pairs of shoes in the internet.

Trevor Soares is the author of this article on Comparison Shoe Shopping for the best deals. Find more information about The shoe shopping secret here.

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