How Vintage Fountain Pens Became A Collectible Item

The very first fountain pen was patented by a gentleman named Lewis Waterman. The fountain pen was the first kind of pen to be used by men. The oldest fountain pen belonged to a Frenchman named M. Bion dating way back to the early seventeen hundreds. Now antique fountain pens are very prized possessions and are collector's items as they are very extreme unique.

Definitely most of the antique pens are very expensive as they are very rare and are not easily available in the market. Antique fountain pens because of their age need very special care and handling techniques. These pens usually have ink-filling mechanisms and are mainly from the modern fountain pens. The cost of these antique fountain pens depends greatly on who they actually belonged to and what material they are made up of.

Other main factors like the quality of the nib and the material used for the nib also will help determine the price. Just in case, the nib is made of silver or gold, the prices automatically rises up a quite a bit. As with most of these vintage pens most have a great deal of history behind them, their prices rise accordingly as the demand becomes too high. In reference of them being expensive, these pens are very popular amongst people who enjoy writing with fine pens and who have a passion for collecting pens belonging to different periods. The prices of these pens will depend on the case in which they are kept.

If the cases are made of silver or gold or some high quality metal and are hand crafted, then the prices tend to be quite high. These rare fountain pens are not generally sold at wholesale outlets and are usually found in flea markets or online shops. Anyone can very well purchase antique fountain pens through the special dealers dealing in acquiring antique pieces. Many websites also offer a wide range of vintage antique fountain pens and through a good search; one can purchase them at reasonable very low prices. is your one stop shop for the best discount Vintage Pens for sale at a bargain.

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